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[invitation letter] 2018 China Guangzhou International Glass Exhibition

[invitation letter] 2018 China Guangzhou International Glass Exhibition

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Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.

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In 1998, Anhui Jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. developed China's first double-bridge overpass precision cutting table, rewriting the long history of China's glass cutting equipment dependence on imports, the company is committed to glass cutting equipment, cutting tools research and development work, is a scientific and technological research and development, equipment manufacturing, sales trade and technical clothing. As one of the state-level high-tech enterprises, but also the country's largest glass cutting equipment production base. The company specializes in the production of automatic glass cutting machine, automatic glass tablet, breaking table, manual glass cutting machine, semi-automatic glass cutting machine, automatic circle cutting machine, cross cutting machine, vertical cutting machine and various types of glass cutting knife wheel, cutting tools and so on. The products are suitable for cutting various kinds of glass, such as building, hollow, doors and windows, furniture, household appliances, solar energy, handicrafts, flat-panel embossed glass and so on. In recent years, the company's research and development of products have been 20 national patents, the company has been successively through the "new automatic glass cutting system" Q/AJB01-2007 enterprise standards, "JLQZ-01 automatic glass cutting system" scientific and technological achievements appraisal, "ISO 9001:2008" quality management system certification, CE certification, etc., the company itself. CNC CNC automatic glass cutting equipment has been awarded high-tech products and certificates by the Provincial Science and Technology Department. At the same time, CNC CNC glass cutting equipment project has won the third prize of Bengbu Science and Technology Progress and has been listed as the national torch by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Plan. Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is willing to cooperate sincerely with you to create a better tomorrow. Main Products: JL_CNC_4228 automatic high-speed glass cutting machine, fine rhombus magnetic suspension cutting machine, JL-KSP-2520 fast table, JL-KXP-2520 automatic table, JL-CNC automatic CNC glass cutting machine, JL-KSP-3525 automatic table, JL-GSM automatic intelligent four-edge grinding, JL-full automatic intelligent high-speed glass Grinding line, JL-CNC-4228 full-automatic glass cutting line, JL-QSP full-automatic tablet, JL-intelligent glass processing production system.

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