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The great jingling people

We use perseverance, the pursuit of career; we use sincerity, to treat customers; we use piety, looking forward to happiness; we use gratitude, return to society; because we intend, so we are great!

I love Jingling Jingling has a bright future. Jingling has state-supported torch products and state-supported high-tech products.

I love Jingling, the Oriental giant, the base of the development of human cutting machine, and the magic weapon to overcome all kinds of difficulties.

I love Jingling, which contains 38 national patents of technology-based enterprises, Jingling's growth and development and promote the improvement of human productivity, the promotion of human technology, the innovation of the glass industry and the liberation and revolution of the glass processing labor force.

I love jingling, and I will develop him, protect him, love him and protect him。

I love Jingling because Jingling has so many good employees and strong fighting force, hard-working technical backbone, excellent staff and fighting leadership.

I love jingling, and his beautiful tomorrow is a dream that no enterprise has dreamed of.

I love jingling, which brings family happiness and personal achievements to every employee。

I love jingling. He has the foundation of the new three board listing, the space for every employee to develop and the future shareholders.

At present, thinking is developing in depth, overcoming difficulties, raising potential, saving money and reducing consumption, basic development, innovation and reform, and correcting ideas.

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