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There are more than 200 employees, 58 with bachelor's degree or above, accounting for 30%, 30 professional R&D personnel, accounting for 15% of the total, 12 with senior technical titles and 22 with intermediate titles。 "Jingling people" will continue to write the bright future of the future on the road of "technological innovation"。

In 1993, the Bengbu Institute of applied technology was established. The Institute devoted itself initially to the development and production of various alloy cutter wheels and clamps, providing cold-end processing lines, cross-cutting machines, vertical cutting machines, floating edge pullers, stirring rakes and on-line cutting tools for the major float lines in China.

In 1996, JingLing registered successfully.

In 2001, the scientific research achievements "ZL 002 14824。2", "ZL 002 14823。4" and "ZL 002 14825。0" were certified by the national utility model patent certificate。 The successful development of China's first "Double Bridge Interchange Precision Cutting Table" has rewritten the long history of China's dependence on imports of glass cutting equipment。

2004: Scientific research achievements: "ZL 2003 0109769.X", "ZL 2003 2002 0106292.4" passed the national utility model patent certificate certification. In the same year, the scientific research product "Jingling Brand Double Bridge Interchange Precision Cutting Table" won the highest award "Golden Crown Award" at the first British International Invention Exposition.

2005: Scientific research achievements: "ZL 2003 2002 0107515.9" and "ZL 2004 2002 0053195.8" have passed the national utility model patent certificate certification.

2006: Anhui jingling Glass Machinery Co。, Ltd。 was established, and the "jingling glass cutting" trademark was registered successfully。

2006: Scientific research achievements: "ZL 2004 2002 99401。9", "ZL 2005 2 0004628。5", "ZL 2005 2002 0084841。1", "ZL 2005 2002 0086444。8" have passed the national utility model patent certificate certification。

In 2007, "New Automatic Glass Cutting System" Q/AJB01-2007 Enterprise Standard was approved and issued by Bengbu Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau。

March 2007: A strategic agreement on technical cooperation was signed with Shanghai University of Technology。 In order to achieve complementary advantages, the two sides decided to jointly develop a "high-speed intelligent glass cutting machine" and reached an agreement。

In 2007, scientific research achievements: "ZL 2006 20081094.0", "ZL 2006 20080811.8" passed the national utility model patent certificate certification. Signed a strategic cooperation project with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

2007: "JLQZ-01 automatic glass cutting system" is identified through scientific and technological achievements.

2008: passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification。

2008: won the title of advanced enterprise of China's private enterprises.

In 2008, two scientific research achievements, ZL 2007 2002 19562.6 and ZL 2007 2002 30140.9, were certified by the National Patent Certificate for Utility Models.

November 2009: passed the certification of "national high and new technology enterprises".

In November 2009, the company and Anhui Electronic Information Vocational and Technical College signed the "order training agreement", the use of order-based training model for our company to train students in school, set up a "Jingling class".

December 2009: "CNC full-automatic CNC photovoltaic glass cutting equipment," enterprise standards by Bengbu Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau approval。

June 2010: The innovative fund project "New Automatic Glass Cutting System Controlled by Microcomputer PLC" has passed the acceptance of the Municipal Finance Bureau and Science and Technology Bureau.

June 2010: series of products are certified by CE。

June 2010: The company signed a contract with Anhui Electronic Information Vocational and Technical College on "Production Management and Technology Information Development Management System Development" project。 The two sides have reached an agreement on the joint development of management system development in design, production, after-sales service information and other aspects。

July 1, 2010: moved into the new plant, the existing plant area is more than 21900 square meters.

September 2010: CNC numerical control glass cutting equipment produced by the company has been approved as high-tech products by Anhui Science and Technology Department。

December 18, 2010: the company held 18th anniversary celebration activities.

2011: our technology center has been identified as a municipal technology center by the Municipal Economic and Information Committee。

2011: scientific research achievement: "ZL2007 1 0113581。X" passed the national invention patent certificate。

November 2011: The new product "CNC full-automatic CNC photovoltaic glass cutting equipment" developed by our company has been approved by experts organized by Anhui Economic and Information Committee as the first major technical equipment in Anhui Province in 2011, and has won the project funds of Anhui Province.

2012: "CNC CNC automatic glass cutting equipment" project is listed as the national torch plan.

In 2012, our company declared "CNC numerical control glass cutting equipment" project won the third prize of Bengbu City Science and Technology Progress。

2012: Scientific research achievements: "ZL 2011 2 0235421.4", "ZL 2011 2 0295693.3", "ZL 2011 2 0342516.6" passed the national utility model patent certificate certification.

2013: scientific research achievement: "ZL 201220316411.8" is certified by the national utility model patent certificate.

2013: it was awarded the "contract keeping honor" certificate issued by the Administration for Industry and commerce。

2014: "CNC CNC automatic glass cutting equipment" project has been listed as a key new product by the state.

In 2015, "Anhui Jingling Trademark" was recognized as "Anhui Famous Trademark" by the Anhui Administration for Industry and Commerce.

2016: The R&D center of our company is recognized as "provincial R&D center" by the Provincial Economic and Information Committee.

2016: in January 6th, the company moved to the new workshop, covering an area of 50 thousand square meters.

2017: our company successfully declared 10 patents for scientific and technological innovation.

2018: Our company has created a brand new 24h *365 global rapid response service concept, global brand strategy upgrade。

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